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2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Monday, September 6th
10am - 2pm

See "Auditions" for more details



The Boston College Dance Ensemble is a student-run organization that provides opportunities for approximately thirty talented dancers to choreograph and perform.


All the proceeds that BCDE generates from performances benefit the Boston College Campus School, a non-profit special education day school for students ages 3-21 with multiple disabilities. 


BCDE members are proud to share their passion for dance with those in and outside the Boston College community through bi-annual productions at the Robsham Theater and at other events around campus.



The Dance Ensemble is known for its dedication, energy, and diversity of talent. DE’s bi-annual performances showcase styles ranging from contemporary, jazz, and ballet to tap and hip hop.

DE members are expected to participate in two shows per year (December and March) as well as in various performances at events around campus. Mandatory rehearsal requirements include two technique classes (Ballet and Jazz) and one full-Ensemble rehearsal each week.

Beyond this, dancers rehearse one hour per week for every additional piece of choreography they are selected to be in. All pieces are student-choreographed and all members are eligible to choreograph beginning in their second semester.
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